Simple Home - Spring Refresh

Hello there! Happy Easter. The last couple of weeks I've been feeling a bit low. Diagnosed with costochondritis (inflammation of the rib cartilage), I can't get comfortable and am in pain a lot of the time. The Doctor has prescribed me some heavy duty pain medication which is making me light-headed so I'm not quite 'with it' at the moment. Needless to say, that's made the school holidays disappointing for us a family as we had to cancel our glamping trip too. And of course, that was due to fall on the weekend that we had warm weather. Ah well, worse things happen don't they? So I've been pottering around the home a lot, taking it easy and resting as much as possible. 

Spring has definitely arrived though and I've made a few alterations in the house that reflect the changing of the season. We've been painting the teenage boy's bedroom but haven't quite finished that off yet. Once I'm feeling a bit better we'll get that completed. Before I was ill I'd been busy spring cleaning, washing the french windows, curtains and dusting all the cobwebs behind radiators and on the ceiling. As soon as the sun shines through the clean windows you can see how dirty the rest of the house is can't you?! Haha! I have found that setting up a cleaning rhythm has hugely helped me keep on top of things better and enjoyed listening to the Slow Home podcast on natural, green cleaning over the last few weeks. You can check those out here if you are interested. And the beautiful Homesong blog has a printable weekly cleaning rhythm sheet to help too. I've been finding these all immensely helpful and I'm going to stick to these daily chores and not let things fall behind as I've often done before. 

I have bought a couple of things, but as I've mentioned before in my post about 'How to Shop', these have been items that I've considered for quite some time before purchasing. First up was the shelf for the living room which I wanted to display artwork and plants on. I've become a little obsessed with brass, something I never would have thought I'd like. I love how simple it is - much more muted than copper and I've been bringing it into my home in small ways. The brackets are by House Doctor, we bought a set of two from Trouva, but they don't seem to have them online anymore. However, they are available in a set of three from here. I absolutely love them and we've utilised a piece of timber from our local DIY store as the shelf and stained it with a wood dye (Wilkos for the win!). Displayed on the shelf are some of my new treasures - a brass planter I bought at Hay-on-Wye that is by Danish design firm, Cozy Living. I haven't found the right plant for it yet, and I rather like it empty, so I may simply leave it as it is. On our journey to Hay I convinced the husband to drive to Ross-on-Wye to visit Baileys Home. As it's my very favourite online store and being such a huge fan of Mark and Sally Bailey's books, I allowed myself to spend £50 as a treat (no planned purchases, just something I wanted as I knew I wouldn't get the chance to go back for some time).  The store is amazing, every bit as beautiful as I'd imagined and I came away with a vintage French confit jar and a gorgeous striped linen cushion (not available online but you can see it peeking out on the top left image). Oh and some of their rosemary hand soap - such a treat for the bathroom. 

I've been coveting one of Gemma Koomen's pieces of artwork for months after discovering her on Instagram. Her work is so beautiful and I knew that the piece 'A Day At Home' was simply the perfect piece for my new shelf. I need to find a new frame for it, but for now I've stuck it in an old one from Nkuku. I was also very kindly sent some cards and a notebook from their new botanical range by British design studio Ola. These foil blocked cards are really lovely in Springtime shades of rose pink and sage green and the flowers are done in brass - so double win! I think they'd be nice framed too. 

 In the bedroom I've also made some changes to welcome the season. I've invested in some new bedding as we only had one decent changeable set and that one is super heavy and more for the cold weather. I would really like to invest in some good quality linen bedding, especially the inky blue set by Baileys which I agonised over in the store (haha!) but it's super expensive and I'll have to think really carefully before splashing the cash on it. For now I've bought the the Loft Bed in a Bag from Marks and Spencer. It's a lovely deep blue shade with a pretty botanical pattern and it washes like a dream at 30 degrees C.  I'm also going to try making my own washing powder this month as I love the idea of using essential oils to clean and scent my clothing and linens. We've downgraded our 15 Tog duvet to a 10.5 Tog one and just throw our woolen blanket over the top when it gets chilly. Other plans for Spring include buying some more air purifying house plants. And as I absolutely adore the scent of fresh eucalyptus I've made a wall hanging of a mix of varieties to hang above my bed. It's simply a branch I'd kept over from some natural Christmas decorations, a few stems of eucalyptus from my local florist, tied on with some jute string. I'm hoping it will help me breathe easier at night and ease my rib discomfort too. Finally I'm enjoying those early Spring mornings, opening the curtains and enjoying the fact that it's light outside. I can have a cup of coffee in bed, read my book (One Hundred Years of Solitude, a bargain from one of the honesty box bookshops in Hay-on-Wye) and all without turning the bedside lights on. Perfect.