Good Things Take Time

Tree trunk legs. Yip, that's what I'm calling them. Legs that feel like I'm trying to shift tree trunks around. My brain says walk, my legs squeak back "that's so not going to happen". Bending down aches, climbing into the car aches, getting out of bed in the morning makes me want to scream. Why? Well, the girl who absolutely loathes exercise and thinks it is the work of the devil has started the Couch to 5k running programme. I'm clearly so unfit that my muscles are raging at me for putting them through this hell. I long for my sofa during these torturous sessions, but I'm going to keep battling on because I know that as I approach my mid forties I need to try and be fitter and take care of myself better. So I'm running and doing a little yoga at home. It's not going to be easy, but all 'good things take time'.  And that's going to be my focus for the year ahead - no resolutions or definitive words, just a simple statement to embrace. I'm even chanting it while I run and so far it's getting me through every single agonizing minute. (Can you tell how much I'm enjoying exercising?). 

So as all 'good things take time' I've made a couple of alterations to the blog to reflect this, nothing huge, it's more about gentle ideas to live life slowly and simply. I've divided them into the following categories: 

Simple Living - Slow decorating ideas. Books I've read. Simple Shopping. Vintage finds. Building an ethical and simple wardrobe. Slow moments of reflection. 

Adventures - UK travel. City trips. Yorkshire days out/cafes/shops/places to visit. Really it's all about the staycation

Seasonal Eating - Vegetarian recipes and slow baking (bread, cakes, pastries). Bread is something I want to get into making more of and I'm currently not very good at it. Any tips or books worth reading are most welcome! 

And that's pretty much it. Quiet and slow ideas that I'll share on here. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you'll enjoy the blog over the coming few months. 

Jen xx