Help Yourself Grow

"Hello, my name is Jen and I'm a plantaholic". "Hello Jen, I hear you say back". 

 I find it all too easy to get caught up in plant buying for the garden. Being in a nursery is like being a kid in a sweet shop, mouth up at the window, drooling down the panes of glass. It's all too tempting. My own little urban courtyard garden is stuffed full of overflowing pots of herbs, perennials, dahlias and geraniums. I'm trying to cut down honest. The front is essentially a wild garden (in truth I'm too lazy to sort it out properly) as it's on a really steep slope and it's a killer to weed, to prune or to dig down deep. But prune it I did today and I have the scratches and the cuts to prove it. The biggest beast of all is the buddleja davidii, which I planted to entice the butterflies and bees into the garden. It's now enormous and even though I chop it back every year, it thrives with neglect. The scent is something else, utterly intoxicating as you brush past it on the way to the front door and it's usually entirely covered in tortoise butterflies and red admirals, but this year I haven't seen a single one. The cold damp Spring has a lot to answer for. 

Recently I was contacted by Sarah who writes a beautiful blog called Franklin + Vincent. She shares her stories of growing in her London terrace garden, her recipes made with the produce she has grown and gardens she has visited. Her photography is lovely and my favourite post has been her DIY large modern garden planter on wheels, it's definitely one I'll be trying next year as we want to build some new troughs for the back.  It looks fantastic. After trying and failing to find a seed box that was actually big enough to store all her seed packets, Sarah used her inventiveness to come up with her own design, big enough to hold everything as well as some useful bits and pieces that every gardener needs. So the Mighty Seed Box was born and many of her friends and family thought it was great and wanted one too. This encouraged her to make more and to sell them online in her store. 

Each Help Yourself Grow - Mighty Seed Box comes in a choice of three simple, rustic colours - black, grey or green. It doesn't contain any seeds but does hold some brilliant, useful gardening extras - Nutscene twine and scissors, a Moleskin notebook and pencil, 50 wooden stick labels for your seed trays and 20 seed envelopes to be used to seal in your extra seeds for next year. Sarah also runs a Seed Mail project, where she sends out seeds that she wants to share with her readers. I think it's a wonderful idea and I've signed up to it. I'd like to share some of my extra seeds too. I love the usefulness of the seed box, the simpleness of the design and the branding is gorgeous. It would make a great gift for any gardener. 

Truthfully I have only sown one lot of seeds this year (shamefaced). After working at the Market Garden for many years, sowing and watering all the time, I needed a break. Next year though we're planning on installing a little greenhouse in our back garden. I want to grow some heritage varieties of tomatoes and a big selection of cutting flowers, so come next Autumn, my seed box will be stuffed full of little packets of treasure. 

I'll leave you with the motto for Sarah's blog and shop - grow, share, live gently. I just love that. 

Thank you to Franklin + Vincent for sending me a seed box to try. All opinions, photography and ramblings are my own as always.