Life Lately

Well hello there! I've been totally rubbish at updating on here recently. Not because I haven't been doing anything, in fact, I haven't actually stopped. I'm on a mission to get rid of clutter in my home and have been frantically chucking out stuff, have done umpteen runs to the charity shops and even been to my first car boot sale as a seller.  I've got a deadline of the 1st June to finish my bedroom properly - woodwork painted, old gigantic chest of drawers given away, buy and build a new wardrobe in and get a dressing table to fit a tiny corner. Why the 1st June? Well, my husband has a bet on with me that I won't do it (procrastination is my middle name) and if I lose I have to eat blue cheese and beetroot, both of which I loathe (ugh, the smell....). Threats are the only way I ever complete anything (it's why I still remember my French irregular verb endings, my teacher terrified me at the prospect of meeting her as an adult and that I'd better know them. And I do!). So I have been cracking on at getting stuff done.

The car boot sale was a success and I got rid of lots of stuff. In fact towards the end I hadn't many things to take back home apart from books. They didn't seem to sell at all. Toys went well as did kitchen bits. It was an afternoon market in Otley, open properly at 12pm to the public but dealers were allowed in before that. Before I'd even been directed to my spot one of them had their head through the window asking how much a basket was. And when I did park up, I'd barely opened the boot before about thirty people started poking around. It's kind of overwhelming and easy to feel intimidated, but all my years in retail kept me calm under pressure. Just be aware if you are planning on selling at one. My friend and I had a laugh with customers and the people on the stall next to us and overall I enjoyed my time there. We were amused at one man selling cookers at the car boot - seriously, who buys an oven at one? He was also selling carpet samples, not individually, those books that you browse through in the store. Weird. But they did sell. I'm kind of intrigued at what people use them for.  I spent a £1 on a some earthenware which I'll show in my vintage round-up post at the end of the month. After the car boot we headed to the Cheerful Chilli to sit in the sunshine for a quick coffee. It's always a favourite of mine in the summer months. 

There have been wanderings here and there too. The husband and I went for a four mile walk on Ilkley Moor last week, but I'm feeling the strain on my knees as I get a little older, I need to buy a walking pole to help me on the rougher terrain (I'm also eager to get a tartan blanket and a thermos flask - you see where I'm going with this? Haha!). Before we headed to the moors, we went for a quick walk in Middleton Woods, one of my absolute favourite places to see masses of natural bluebells. It's simply stunning and if you are Yorkshire based you really must go catch this sight now before they finish for the year. It knocks your socks off. 

On Monday I was taken out by my friend to the beautiful little village of Cawthorne, near Barnsley. It was lovely and sunny so we sat in the sweetest little tearoom garden for lunch. The village is chocolate box pretty with lots of sweet Yorkshire stone cottages and is home to a great antiques shop as well as an old fashioned chocolate shop. I'd happily move there as it's so charming. 

Back home I've picked a few flowers from the garden for my vintage vase -  acquilegia, dicentra and white veronica (a new plant I bought when in Cawthorne). Spring finally feels like it has arrived, although as soon as the cherry tree flowered, the rain and wind came along to knock most of the blossom off. Honestly, why can't it just hang around for at least a month? 

And finally, you may notice that the blog looks a little different  - I've given it a Spring makeover. I like how easy it is to see all the previous posts and I'm having to go through them one by one and add a thumbnail image to each post (very time consuming,  good whilst drinking coffee and indulging in a Double Decker or two), but I am enjoying reliving my blogging years! Hope you like it too and find it easier to navigate. Back soon. x