{Vintage Finds}

Well hello there. I've been a bit quiet on the blog this month and for that I apologise. I promise to be more consistent in May! I've been very busy at home with diy jobs, spring cleaning and clearing out a mountain of stuff. There is still a lot to do, but progress at least has been made with umpteen trips to the charity shop and the tip. I'm also going to sell some things at a nearby car boot. I'm trying to plan ahead as we have a few big renovation jobs to complete over the next few months. We'll get there.......(at least that's what I keep telling myself!).

Last weekend was a bit hectic. Saturday I spent the day in Manchester at the Flower Workshop (post on the next page if you haven't checked it out yet). And on Sunday, my friend and I headed to York to the Festival of Vintage held at the racecourse. My plan was to do a blog post with all the stalls and entertainment, but it was so busy that I didn't feel I could properly get in to take pictures. My arms also totally ached after carrying the glass vase of flowers back to Leeds the day before! So I haven't written a post about the festival. I did enjoy myself though and thoroughly recommend it for finding some vintage treasures.

I thought it would be nice to share my vintage finds on here once a month and build it up into a little series of posts. But you may be thinking that as I'm decluttering, then what am I buying more stuff for? Well, I am actually being very restrained. I have a list of thing to get from the house and I am sticking to it (even though I wanted about 300 vintage shopping baskets, I didn't buy a single one). Top of my list was a mirror - one of those 1930s style ones with curved edges and a silver chain to hang it up with. I've seen damaged ones go for silly money so I was expecting to pay quite a bit for one. On Sunday at a stall in the Vintage Arcade I found this one priced up at £7.50. I was convinced it was a mistake and asked the lady if it was correct. It was, and of course, I had to buy it. How could I not at that price? It's even in pretty good nick apart from a couple of tiny scratches. It's found it's new home above my fireplace. 

There were plenty of vintage books on offer too at the Festival and I found three Agatha Christie novels I haven't read yet to add to my vintage Christie collection. I especially like the Fontana editions published in the 1970s with their groovy illustrations and originally priced up at 50p. I've a fair few of them now and I'll be reading Poirot novels till Christmas at this rate. 

And one final item - a vintage terracotta pot for my cactus.  

Alongside my good chum Laura, we've started up a Yorkshire based hashtag project #alittleyorkshirevintage where we will show our favourite vintage shops, finds and fairs. Please join in too if you'd like to show us what you've found! 

All in all, some good vintage bargain hunting. Until next time..... 

Jen x