Simple Home - A Plant Shelf

Hello there. Hope you are all well and happy. We've had snow, wind, rain, sunshine and temperatures below freezing this week. Hey, it must be Spring! This weekend I'm having a quiet one. My husband is working, going out early and returning home really late. My son has been out with his friend and I've been happily baking, reading, cooking and pottering in the garden and my home. I've got a couple of very busy weekends coming up so it's nice to enjoy a slow day or two. 

One of the things that constantly annoys me in my living room are these Ikea picture rails. I bought them to attach this clamp lamp as we needed some extra light to enable us to read whilst sat in the armchair. I've never liked them with pictures on though. I find too many prints create a hectic feel in such a small room and I've been using them mostly for displaying some pretty plates. Yesterday I was browsing some of my favourite Instagram accounts when I noticed in the feed of the gorgeous plant store Botany -  a very pretty way of using those Ribba picture rails. She filled them with succulents, cacti, cards and small prints. Taking inspiration from this I bought a pack of three succulents and popped them in vintage terracotta pots on the lower shelf. I added my (slightly scratty, hoping it'll come back to life!) plant from Ikea too. I'm planning to get some more and vary the sizes of plants and pots, fill the shelves and have a whole indoor plant wall. I'm thinking a couple  of trailing ones would be nice on the higher shelf. I'll update this post once I've filled it with plants (that I hope not to kill!). I'm loving it so far. x