A Slow Christmas

Candlelight makes everything better on these dark, grey, damp days. I feel cocooned by its warmth and the urge to nest is overwhelming. And nest is exactly what I'm going to do. This is my last post for 2016 as I'm taking the time to enjoy the next couple of weeks with my family. This last year has most definitely had its ups and downs, but together we weather-the-storm and the best way for us to do this is to have a break from the routine. 

The school holidays are the ideal time to 'go slow' with no mornings spent rushing around yelling at my son to brush his teeth, take a shower or get out of bed (I've discovered teenagers would sleep all day if they could!). Instead I'll wake up, take a coffee back to bed and indulge in one of several books I've got piled up on the bedside table. Mostly crime fiction, a couple of Agatha Christie novels I haven't read before and this book of stories that I couldn't resist at Salt's Mill last week. I'm hoping to get a couple of new books from Santa too. 

Film wise I'm looking forward to snuggling under blankets and watching the usual festive movies - Elf, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and It's A Wonderful Life while consuming vast quantities of mince pies and Christmas cake (with a big chunk of Wensleydale on the side, Yorkshire style). I'm working my way through the Radio Times circling films and tv to watch. I can't wait to see the end of the brilliant Scandi crime, Modus (how gorgeous is her house? Stuffed full of Fine Little Day things!) And I'm super excited about Sally Wainwright's take on the Bronte sisters life in Haworth - To Walk Invisible. We'll also be heading to the cinema to watch the new Star Wars. 

We'll get outdoors as well, with walks in the woods and on the moors. I'll take my camera and try to capture the beauty of winter. I want to gather and forage some natural bits and have a go at making these and these to add to my festive decorations. 

But of all the things that I'm looking forward to the most, it is deleting all the social media apps off on my phone for the duration of the school holidays. These apps are an addiction that I need to kick. Social media has become like a twitch that I can't control, a need to be fulfilled and it's simply not healthy.  I absolutely hate myself for picking the phone up during a film or not listening properly to conversations with my husband because I'm thinking about what I might be missing online ( although usually it's bugger all). I recently discovered Folk Rebellion and I love their ethos of unplugging and getting back to reality. The article ' in favour of drinking coffee instead of instagramming it' really made me smile as it's something I've been guilty of in the past but at least I haven't done it for quite a while. Now when I meet someone for coffee all I do is chat and drink the flipping coffee! Social media is exhausting, can be mentally draining and it's also a great way to avoid getting any work done. I know my brain could do with a rest from it all as could my hand and neck as they ache a lot of the time from holding and looking at my phone. Hell, I don't want to get to 60 and not be able to hold my own neck up, do you?

Today then will be my last post on any social media outlet and here on the blog until January. I'll respond to any comments I get today and tomorrow but on Saturday the apps are being deleted. I'll return in the New Year hopefully refreshed! I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks to each and every one of you for reading this blog, it really does mean so much to me. 

Jen xxx