Saying goodbye to January

I've not been present here for a while. Words have failed me and inspiration has left the building. January has been a sucky month in so many ways. I'm so very glad it's coming to an end. A few days ago we had to say goodbye to our old moggy and even though we knew it was coming, it was still utterly heartbreaking. 

We've taken to the moors to try and come to terms with it. To breathe the air, take in the beauty of the land, try to refocus on the future ahead. Grief for a pet is as bad as grief for a human, no matter what anyone else thinks. They are part of your family. She was with us for seventeen years so it's taking a lot of getting used to in our home. It's getting a little easier everyday, but in truth I'm still shedding tears on and off. 

 Above are some of my favourite photographs on Instagram that I took these past few weeks - fleeting moments of sunshine, the beauty of the Yorkshire landscape, flowers and of course, cake. There were always be cake. 

Thanks for reading. Jen. x




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