Vintage Enamel Planter

Hello. My name is Jen and I'm a vintage enamelware addict. Ha! You may remember a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I'd purchased this beautiful rectangular tin from Leeds independent, Blackbird Vintage.  I did think it would make a nice container for my herbs on the kitchen windowsill, but then I decided to utilise it to make a planter for succulents. 

These take about five minutes to put together and I think would make a nice Christmas present  Or using old enamel mugs with one small succulent in each could be perfect teachers gifts at the end of term. Just look at this Pin - aren't these lovely?

What you need: Enamel container, washed with warm soapy water and then dried. Houseplant compost. Alpine grit. Succulents. 

Line the bottom of the container with some alpine grit. This helps to provide drainage. Then put a layer of houseplant compost on top of the grit. 

Place your succulents on top of the compost, making sure that the plant is not too high in the container. Backfill around the succulents with the compost until it is level with the growing point of the plant. 

For extra drainage help, scatter some more alpine grit around the plants until the compost can't be seen. Water sparingly. I've only used two succulents in my container as I want to give them a little room to grow. But you could use more for a quicker impact. 

And that's it. Easy and totally unique if you use a vintage container. I've popped mine on my mantel alongside my new jug from Ikea. It's part of the collection called Sinnerlig by Ilse Crawford. The pieces are all made from natural materials and are designed to engage your senses. Teamed with some hydrangea from my garden, it's a lovely new addition to my home.