Summer Squares 2

This summer has been odd. Life wise, weather wise, holiday wise. The days when the sun chooses to shine are fantastic, especially when you can sit outside, wear sandals, eat ice cream - they bring such happiness and joy. But when it pours, and oh it has POURED, those days just bring me down so much. Only a week ago at the Market Garden, we were all so wet and cold (worse than even in winter) we had to shut the farm shop early. I've truthfully never felt so relieved to get home, get a bath and put on my pyjamas at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. 

But I don't want to spend all my time complaining on here. Hell no, let's embrace the positive. These are some of the things that I've enjoyed these past couple of weeks. Yesterday I had a Saturday off work and wanted to spend it doing a little vintage shopping. I've been meaning to visit Blackbird  since they opened a year ago. Based in Chapel Allerton, Leeds, the store is stuffed full of treasures - mostly vintage although they do sell a selection of handmade and local items too. It's beautifully put together and you can tell it's a real labour of love for the owners. I treated myself to that rectangular enamel tin in the picture above (I have an obsession with vintage enamelware!). I'm going to turn it into a planter for succulents or herbs.  There were so many nice things, in particular a  stunning McIntosh dressing table (sadly too big for my bedroom) and amazing industrial lighting. Hello big black pendant, I want you so much!

Also in Chapel Allerton we had coffee and cake in one of my favourite Leeds cafes - Cup and Saucer and visited the always lovely Chirpy to say hi to owner Harriet and buy a little something for my wall ( one of those banners that are hanging in the shop window). All in all, a super Saturday off work. 

Also this week we spent a nice afternoon in the sunshine (yip it did come out for a bit), with friends at Temple Newsam in Leeds. Having lived here for nearly twenty years, how did I not know there was a walled garden and glasshouse? But they are there, and completely fantastic. A beautiful perennial garden underplanted with vegetables and herbs. And that glasshouse is stuffed with geraniums twisting up pillars and walls. It's an absolute delight. 

Finally, on our way home from doing the grocery shopping, I stumbled upon a bed of wildflowers in a local park.  Stuffed full of poppies, daisies, scabious and cosmos, it was a feast for the eyes. Thankfully I had my proper camera with me and was able to take some more detailed shots. But I do love this image that Harry took on the i-phone of me meandering through the little path in amongst the flowers.  Leeds sometimes you totally rock. 

The last couple of weeks have really been spent close to home, but from Tuesday we are off on another camping adventure -  heading further North. I can't wait, although I am slightly nervous of the weather......Thanks for reading and I'll be back soon. x