A herb wreath

Hello there. If you are a regular reader of this blog you'll know that my elderly cat hasn't been well for quite some time. After a lot of treatments at the vet, she has now been diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Translation - she's going to puke and poo everywhere until we find the perfect balance of diet and medication. So we're cleaning A LOT,  and she particularly likes 1.30am as her 'make a stink' time.  It's a really nice wake up call. And as a consequence of all these things, our house does not smell nice, no matter how much we clean and spend on products claiming they will get rid of all odours and stains (they don't). 

So I'm looking at more natural ways of cleaning and scenting our home and to me there is nothing nicer than the smell of herbs. I truly do believe they have healing powers. Today I made a little wreath to hang in my bedroom using camomile, rosemary, thyme, heartsease, oregano, sage and lavender. It smells incredible and all the herbs came from my garden, so it cost pennies to make as I only had to buy some floral wire.   All I did was form a circle with the wire, twist the ends together, and then tie on the cut herbs (wash and dry them first before using). It's also a good idea to tie together small bunches first before adding them to the wreath. It's a little fiddly but great fun. It's working wonders at getting rid of the cat sick odour too. x