Summer Squares

The summer holidays are finally upon us. Although it's so bloomin' cold, that you'd be forgiven for thinking it's winter and staying indoors, wrapped up in a blanket with the heating on. We're off camping next week, so that'll be fun, won't it if this weather continues? Ha! 

Apologies if you've seen these pictures on my Instagram feed, but my Mum hasn't and she likes to see what we've been up to! But I do think they were worth sharing on here too and that it could make a nice little series for over the holidays. So this is 'summer squares' edition one - capturing little moments of happiness:  a great place to eat, flowers, scenery, cake or something in my home. Whatever and whenever the mood takes me. 

The last few days have seen us visit some new places (to us anyway) in West Yorkshire. First up is the utterly beautiful Courtyard Planters in Otley.  Located in an historic cobbled stableyard, the nursery is stuffed full of inspiration for the urban garden. Creepers climb the stone walls, raised beds hold acers and shrubs, large half-barrels filled with water and water lillies floating on the top. And lots of lovely plants to buy as well as troughs and flower pots. They also sell a few antiques and vintage gardening pieces. So it's my idea of heaven. (photo 1). 

We've also been to a great coffee spot in Headingley, Heart Cafe , which not only has some great cakes and lunches on offer, it has the prettiest outdoor space to while away the hours in. Climbing roses on the stone walls, raised beds teaming with perennials and kids toys to play with. I only wish I'd known about it when Harry was younger. It's super. (photo 2). 

A return visit to The Cheerful Chilli, this time for lunch as a family. And it was great, I can heartily recommend the Homity Pie and salad. It was delicious. It was also nice to see how their garden has changed with the seasons and the flowers in bloom. I love eating outdoors, it's one of my favourite things about summer. (photo 3). 

Plants on my bedroom windowsill enjoying the warmth and the light. The sun only shines in that room in the morning for a few hours, so my plants seem to be liking that spot. Both the Pilea and the Oxalis are thriving there. And I've finally bought an indoor watering can for my houseplants. It's called Socker and is from Ikea. I think it even looks quite good on display. (photo 4). 

I'm excited to read the new Harper Lee novel, which I'm sure you all know exists as it's been all over the news channels and internet for weeks. I was going to start it the other day, but I've since decided to save it for my camping trip. Anyone finished it or started it? I'm kind of nervous to begin as To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my all time favourite reads. (photo 5). 

Hydrangea season is upon us and I couldn't stop myself picking a couple of heads off my plant. It's a bright, vivid purple colour and I grow it in a big old pot next to my front door. I love how it welcomes me home. I promise though, that's the last picture of them from me for the summer. I imagine it'll be hydrangea overkill on Instagram for the next few weeks. (photo 6). 

Finally I wanted to wish you all a happy summer. I'll be popping in and out of this space when I have a few adventures to share. First up, we're off on our travels to Scotland. Heading homewards to Glasgow and visiting the family. And then spending some time in the Scottish Borders in our trusty tent exploring some beautiful countryside and coastline. Unless it's pouring, in which case, I'll sit under canvas with a bottle of red wine, good bread, some cheddar and my Harper Lee novel. So fingers crossed for some sunshine.......