A natural Christmas Wreath

Hey there. My plan is to have a natural Christmas. I don't want gaudy baubles or over the top displays and I strive for a simple look. So my mantel is all about pine cones, seedheads (which I may spray paint), spiced oranges and a wreath that's overflowing with flowers and earthy colours. 

This is the same wreath base that I used in a previous post. The cotoneaster berries finally withered and fell off, so I replaced them with some of the flowers I bought the other day. I like the fact that I can change it as things naturally deteriorate, so as the actual big day approaches, the wreath will evolve to reflect the flowers of the season. 

I'm not going to go into great details with a tutorial as there really is no need - but it's base is dried clematis branches from the garden, twisted around each other and then tied in a couple of places with twine to keep it together. The clematis branches are tough as old boots and tend to not snap, so they are a good one to use and you can add more and more to get the thickness you need. I like mine this size though as it allows the flowers to take centre stage. Here I've used eucalyptus which I adore the scent of, then used a few heads from eryngium tucked through the gaps in the clematis branches and finally one large head of dill. It's a little wild looking, but that's okay. It's real and it's simple and I love it. x