Life in squares

This last couple of weeks I've been lucky to visit some really nice places and I've also bought a couple of bits for my home which I thought I'd share on here. I love how these little collages from my Instagram feed sum up what my mood is and I can see that I'm craving warmth, light and colour. No moody pallettes over on my feed. I'm pretty sure it's a reaction to the never-ending dark, grey days. I long for cosy textiles, the scents of Christmas and comfort eating. 

1 // I've been coveting one of these beautiful 2016 calendars from &hobbs for a while and finally bought one. It's a limited edition illustrated by Saltaire based graphic artist Girlscout and so pretty with it's little natural details - butterflies, birds, flowers, seedheads. leaves and mushrooms. I photographed it immediately as it's just stunning and I think it's important to share great independent shops that are really unique and run by inspiring people. 

2 // Visiting York a couple of weeks ago I nipped down to the Bluebird Bakery based on Little Shambles. I've had their bread before and it's fantastic. Proper, real bread. I also bought some spinach and chickpea rolls to take home for lunch next day. They were so good, great pastry with a nice dose of spice. And those savoury danish they make look so good, I must get some next time. And such a pretty shop front - don't you agree?

3 // I bought this clamp lamp a few weeks ago for my bedside reading. I was asked several times over on IG where it came from and it's actually good old Ikea. It has a lovely modern rustic style and is a total bargain at £18. It throws off a hell of a lot of light too. 

4 // The Boy had an art project to do for school and had to build a sculpture out of recycled materials. He decided to go for a bird design and using some bits and pieces we had round the house, he made a great body for it but we needed to find something for the feet, the tail and the eyes. So we headed to the simply amazing Scrap Reuse in Farsley, Leeds. It's a treasure trove of scrap, a great resource for teachers and playgroups and also runs some fantastic sounding workshops. I wish I'd known about them when the Boy was younger. This is a photograph of their workshop area, it's just brilliant and the other side of the room is full of vintage toboggans that are used as benches. It's totally worth a visit if you are a crafter and looking for fabrics, odds and sods and everything in between. Oh and the Boy got top marks in the art project!

5 // Another one from York and a visit to the much photographed on Instagram, Brew and Brownie. I can honestly say that it is one of the nicest cafes I've ever been in. And I've been in a lot! I had a chocolate and rose brownie which was out of this world good. And the decor was stunning. I wish my home looked like it! Nice to see it super busy too. Bring on the independent coffee shops, you totally rock. 

6 // I've mentioned this lovely print in a previous post. Well now it's proudly hanging on my living room wall. I can't tell you how much I love it and I smile every time I look at it. 

7 // On the hunt for some eucalyptus, I discovered the best florist I've found in Leeds. And better still, it's ten minutes away from my house. I've driven past it a hundred times and never been in. Shame on me. But I learned a valuable lesson, look closer at your own neighbourhood. Sometimes there is a hidden gem right under your nose. This is Ivy Florist where I got lots of eucalyptus and that huge bunch of gorgeous flowers in that last picture. They also have a great pick and mix natural Christmas decorations table where I chose some spiced oranges, huge cinnamon sticks and a couple of giant pinecones. 

8 // And finally, on opening up the bag with the Christmas tree decorations, I found the copper star garland I made last year. That made me super happy and I thought it would be great to hang it near the copper hanging planter as they would nicely compliment one another. In between is the gorgeous wall hanging from Rastall & Daughters. Festive decorating makes me very happy. 

Have a great weekend folks. 

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