2016 - to learn, observe and simplify.

Hello. I do hope you have had a good Christmas. Ours to be perfectly honest was pants. My husband was working and got sent out on a call that took him until 1130pm to finish. He ate a cheese sandwich and a handful of Pringles for his Christmas dinner. The Boy is full of the cold and has a rotten, barking cough - so Star Wars plans were shelved. And to top it all off the elderly cat decided it was time to puke, pee all over the stairs and have diarrhea on the living room floor. Again. So it was a crappy day all round. But, it wasn't as bad for us as it was for some in Yorkshire and Lancashire. And my heart goes out to everyone who has had a far worse Christmas holiday than us. I watched in disbelief as streets in Leeds became torrential rivers. My thoughts are with you all if you have been affected by any of this, wherever you are.

Now the time has come where everyone makes their resolutions for the New Year. Last time I chose the word and the goal to Focus. I pretty much followed it through for the year and when I had a crappy day or just felt that things were getting on top of me, I looked back at that Pinterest board and felt calmer, renewed and definitely focused. So it did work for me. This past year has seen big changes. I quit my job and started doing a little freelance work from home. I hope to build on this over the coming year and as part of my future plans I want to achieve some new goals. So my aim for the coming twelve months and even long term is to learn, to observe and to simplify. And I've created another Pinterest board to reflect my goals. 

I've broken it down:

To learn - more web design techniques, SEO (like a foreign language that makes me want to weep!), photography and improve my overall writing style. I'm also thinking about taking a college course in the spring. 

To observe - the night sky. I'm pretty sure everyone in our country is so proud of Astronaut Tim Peake who has recently embarked upon his six month stay on the International Space Station. I shed a tear when he launched and then watched in wonder as they opened the hatch to welcome him aboard the ISS. And how incredible that he can talk live to Earth, to phone his wife on Christmas Day (or the lady he dialled by error!). Watching out of the window on Christmas Eve as they orbited the Earth made me appreciate the world so much more, and in particular the stars and the planets. So I want to understand more about them. I also want to observe nature a little more closely. I'm pretty good on my plants and flowers but I'm totally rubbish at identifying trees, wildflowers and grasses. These are all things I want to know more about. 

To simplify - this has been something ongoing in my life. Like many others I've realised that the simplest things are the best things. The little moments that make you smile, that make you appreciate your health, your family and day to day living. So I want to take the time to embrace that more. My happiest moment this year was watching my son running along the sand in Northumberland flying his kite whilst I sat in the sunshine. Then wandering slowly through the dunes, back to the tent to make dinner and drink red wine under the stars before falling asleep listening to the waves crash on the beach behind us. There was no internet, no checking my phone. It was bliss. I need to do this so much more - just put the phone down. (I can actually feel my hand hurting whilst holding my phone - like a repetitive strain injury - I bet the numbers of people suffering with this are seriously rising and that's a bit of a scary thought). Summer wise  I'm looking to stay in a yurt or a teepee, doing a little more wild camping and embracing the sounds of nature.  

And that's it. 2015 is almost over, so I'll wish you all a very Happy New Year and thank you for all your kind comments, likes, shares, Instagram chats and even kind invitations to meet or collaborate together. Here's to an exciting 2016 and I hope you enjoy reading Little Birdie over the next twelve months. x 


*First two pictures are from here and here