Life in squares volume two

Hello there! How the heck are you all? I still have a throat infection and I also haven't been sleeping well at all this week. Insomnia has set in and several nights have been almost sleepless,  it's been so bad. But last night I actually slept till 6am, so I feel much better today. Hopefully it will continue. 

I'm sorry if you have already seen all of these pictures on Instagram. But, I've had a busy, busy week building the website for the Yorkshire Bloggers. You can check it out here if you are interested! It's a collaboration between five of us but we are hoping to have other bloggers join us from all over the county. Do get in touch with us through the YB email or social media channels if you'd like to know more.

I've spent a couple of days photographing my favourite indpendents for the YB website. Radstudio and Chirpy - I love these stores so much. Both run by such inspiring women (and two of the nicest people you will ever meet in your life!) and each has a shop that is full of treasures, big and small.  If you haven't done all your shopping yet for Christmas, go check out these gorgeous independents and you can see my feature on Radstudio here on the YB site. Chirpy to follow! Oh and whilst I was over in Chapel Allerton I popped into the lovely new coffee bar and tea house, House of Koko. It has a simply stunning, gorgeous Scandi/rustic style interior, lovely coffee and the menu looks great. I need to go get lunch there soon. 

Working from home has made me appreciate the outdoors so much more. I know that now I'm not off to the Market Garden, I'm sitting in my chair way too much and I need to get outside, take in some fresh air and enjoy getting some exercise. So I've been doing just that, with no real purpose though other than to relax. The mornings have been constantly foggy, damp and damp, but I've loved getting my phone out to snap pictures of the winter skies and trees. I come back with a clearer head, a readiness to start working again. It's been good for the soul. 

Embracing Hygge - I've bought some flowers for the festivities, again from my local florist discovery. A mix of evergreens and berries for a vase on the dining table and then a big old bunch of misteltoe. Candles are on pretty much all day, all evening. I'm running out again. (Must add to shopping list). And I've been baking bread, foccacia and an ordinary loaf. Pretty happy with both for a first timer, but they could be better. I'll keep at it. 

And finally it's the last day of school term. I'm so glad it's over. The Boy needs a break. It's time to eat, drink and be merry. Oh and to go watch Star Wars. I'm definitely the most excited about it.

Enjoy your weekend all. x 





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