A Christmas Mantel

Hello! Happy weekend to you all. It's officially the time of year when I get a sore throat and cough, so I know that Christmas is almost upon us. Why do I always get poorly now? I want to savour the mulled wine and cider yet I can barely enjoy the flavour of anything other than endless cups of hot squash. Boo! Oh well, I can only hope that it will be gone before the big day. At least I've almost finished the shopping......

My husband is actually working Christmas Day, the first time in many years he's had to do so. It's going to be weird and I'm not sure what the day itself is going to be like for us, as it'll just be Harry and I. We're planning a glamorous meal of macaroni cheese! We'll celebrate on Boxing Day instead. I'm not trying to think about it too much and am enjoying decorating my home for the festivities anyway. This year I've kept things simpler, more natural elements, lots of candlelight and little touches of copper, from the tea-lights with a midwinter scent to the handmade garland I spray-painted last year, promptly forgot all about and then discovered when we got the bag of decorations out. That was a nice surprise and I'm so glad that I can use it again this time around. 

As for the weekend - well I'm staying in, keeping warm and watching festive movies. Enjoy whatever you are getting up to. x

ps I'm over on Rose and Grey's blog talking about what item I'd like from their site for Christmas. You can check it out here.