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It's been a super long time since I did an eat // read // found // explore post. Why? I don't really know, but it feels like it's time to bring them back. So I'm hoping to do these once a week on a Sunday. It seems like a good time to sit down, cuppa in hand and share some new finds with you. *

eat - I'm utterly obsessed with Eva Kosmas Flores food and her blog, Adventures in Cooking. It makes my heart sing. There are so many things I want to make and eat. But it is her photography that really speaks to me.  This picture in particular just makes me blissfully happy every time I see it. So simple and a beautiful moment preserved for all time. 

In my kitchen this week I'm planning to make this parsnip, apple and ginger soup  and these pancakes filled with brussels sprouts, chickpeas and pumpkin. Good seasonal grub and made by using up leftovers. I've been watching Hugh's War on Waste and it's shocking what people chuck out. I'm not the best at emptying my cupboards and I could definitely do better, so this week's meals are all planned on using up as much as I can.  Check it out on the i-Player if you didn't see the first episode. 

And as I think about macaroni cheese A LOT  (I'm forever searching for the best version ever), I'm going to be giving this recipe over on Saskia's blog a go too. Funnily enough since I added how much I love macaroni cheese to my IG profile I get lots of comments from followers saying the same thing. Clearly macaroni cheese unites people. Fact

read - I'm half way through Sarah Waters 'The Paying Guests' and I'm loving it as much as her previous novels. I need some recommendations for what to read next though. I do like my crime novels come wintertime and I'm thinking of delving in to some old school stuff again like Patricia Highsmith and Agatha Christie. 

found you will probably have heard about the wonderful photography site devoted to the people of New York (Humans of New York) with it's little insights into everyday life. But on Facebook I stumbled across the fantastic work of one local photographer who takes pictures during his lunch hour in Leeds city centre. It's a fascinating insight into other peoples lives and all captured on streets that I recognize and places that I've walked past regularly. Humans of Leeds is my new favourite site and this image in particular just makes me smile and smile, although I'm disappointed I've never seen this guy outside Zara! Anyhoo, I think it sums up Yorkshire folk in all their glory. 

I've written about my love of Etsy store 5678 Vintage before, but their range of Kimonos just floats my boat. This one I absolutely adore, such a gorgeous bold floral pattern. It's going on my Christmas wishlist. 

This pin.  A kitchen with modern vintage style to die for. 

exploreI'm so thrilled and delighted how many of you have joined in with the #slowautumndays project. These are just a few of the many, many posts over on Instagram but they are my absolute favourites! Thank you so much for sharing your slow Autumn days, with beautiful shots of the home, light, colour and the celebrations that make Autumn the best season of them all. Please do continue sharing over on IG. You can check out all the images tagged here

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Have a great Sunday folks. 

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