Folklings Go North // The Swinton Bivouac, North Yorkshire

Hello there! How are you all? Gosh, the weather here has been awful and it continues to be grey, wet and very blustery. Hopefully it'll calm down soon as I'm looking forward to enjoying some outdoor festivities in the next few days and weeks. 

This weekend saw me packing my waterproof coat and wellies and heading off to North Yorkshire and a stay in a beautiful rustic cabin in the middle of the woods. I was so lucky to be invited to meet the Folklings ladies, to spend time with a group of bloggers who totally embrace slow living, who are supportive and nurturing, eager to share their knowledge and their skills. There was a lot of laughter, a lot of gin drinking and a lot of brownie consumption. We had no plans, no activities - sometimes the best way to encourage one another is to just be together and go with the flow. 

I didn't seem to take many pictures at the weekend, what with the weather and the having too much fun part.  But I did want to capture a little of our stay at The Swinton Bivouac, a place I've wanted to visit for years. We were staying in two cabins, right at the end of a muddy track and next door to one another. We were kept cozy with the woodburner (although it took a lot of looking after to try and get it to stay on - meanwhile in the cabin next door, their fire was blazing away nicely - my fire skills were clearly lacking!). It sleeps seven - three bunks, a small double and a gorgeous mezzanine floor that has a double bed situated under a skylight. Perfect for staring up at the stars. It also has a little bathroom with shower, a kitchen with the necessities and the most fantastic verandah to sit out on which must be bliss on a hot, balmy, summer evening. There is no electricity though, so when it gets dark there is only the light from some flickering tealights to enable you to see. It's truly off-grid, quiet, gentle and utterly charming. We all would quite like to live there. 

The site has a gorgeous rustic style cafe and we had a really lovely meal there on Saturday night. Sat under twinkling fairy lights with good company, a large white wine and a big bowl of pasta - it was pretty perfect. Sunday morning we waterproofed up and explored the Druid's Temple a short walk from the cabins. It was a little eerie in the winter rain and wind, but also full of wonder and history.  Further down the track was a view which could only be described as spectacular and as I stupidly left my camera back in the cabin, I didn't capture that beautiful landscape. But I know a lady who did......And then it was off for a long, chilled out pub lunch in a nearby village. 

I want to say a huge thank you to Annie for organizing this weekend. Although the weather wasn't the kindest, it was a fantastic opportunity to spend time with like-minded souls. It was a pleasure getting to know these amazing women in real life and I hope we'll have some more adventures soon.