Hello there!

If you read my previous post on my love of Autumn Days you'll know that I'm running a little hashtag project here on the blog and over on Instagram - #slowautumndays. It's all about embracing the season - the colours, the light, the food and the comforts of home. I'd absolutely love as many of you as possible to join in with me to celebrate this beautiful time of year. Already quite a few people are sharing their Autumn Days over on IG and it would be great to see your blog posts too. This is my post for today, a little Autumn vignette - the evening turning darker, candle already lit, the last of the flowers from the garden and the first of the pumpkins I've bought this year. Although this little one is destined for the pot and will become this spicy soup for lunchtimes. 

Wishing you all a great (slow) Autumn weekend. x