Autumn Days

Hello! How is your Autumn going so far? Weather wise it's been great hasn't it?  Lots of warm, sunny days allowing the light to stream through my home (note to self - wash windows, they are filthy). It is most definitely my favourite time of year, the colours, the spectacular skies and comforts of home. 

I'm finding myself nesting, preparing for the colder days to come. Washing blankets, jumpers, woolly socks and covering chairs in sheepskins. Lighting candles in the evening to embrace that feeling of cosiness whilst enjoying the DVD boxset of Fortitude (have you seen it? great thriller, a little like The Killing but slightly Twin Peaks-ish in places, so at times rather bonkers). And I've been curling up in my armchair reading some great crime fiction, The Ice Twins was totally unputdownable. I'd love to hear your recommendations for others. 

As for clothes for the colder weather - well I've taken out my Scandi style jumpers  and some thicker plaid shirts. But I really need to get a pair of cords and a big cardi to pop over my thinner blouses. I'm also on the vintage hunt for a nice Aran knit sweater in that classic beige colour. My navy Duffle Coat will be on soon as will my bobble hat and a new vintage tartan scarf I bought back in Glasgow. I love the warmth these all provide on the coldest of mornings. 

This season also produces the best fruits:  apples, satsumas and now of course, my new love for figs. Thanks to a lovely comment on my previous cake post, I'm now relishing them with natural yoghurt and a drizzle of maple syrup. And over in the vegetable basket, it's the time for parsnips, squashes, pumpkins and my favourite of them all, sprouts. Sundays are now all about the (veggie) roast dinners, washed down with a good bottle of beer. And bring on the pies and mash, Leeds now has it's very own branch of Pieminister, which was every bit as good as I'd hoped it to be. I do love my comfort foods and Autumn is when I enjoy them the most. I can see myself having quite a lot of pies in the next few months. I've already been foraging for blackberries and sloes, both have been added to gin and in three months time will be the nicest of Christmas tipples. 

On Pinterest I've put together a board all about my love of Autumn, you can check it out below. It embraces the best of these days - harvesting, gathering and nesting. And it makes me think about all the good things still to come - Halloween, walks in the woods through piles of leaves, hot chocolate with cream on the top and of course, Bonfire Night. 

Over the next few weeks I'm planning to share some of my Autumn Days, with posts on my home, food and places to embrace the season.  I'll be using the hashtag #slowautumndays and I'd love it if you'd join me with your own Autumnal Days over on Instagram. Cheers. x