Home to Glasgow

Hello there!

This past weekend has been one of the most fun, happy and joyous that I can ever remember. We headed to Scotland to celebrate the marriage of my cousin Anna to Malcolm. It was truly the best wedding I've ever been to but I'm keeping those images of the big day just for family as I think those are private moments, not really for sharing here on the blog. But I did want to show my favourite images of our weekend in my home city.

(I apologise if you have already seen these on Instagram).

We travelled up by train to Scotland this time, taking in the utter beauty of the Yorkshire Dales on the

Settle - Carlisle

 line. If you ever get the chance to go this way, do, as it's absolutely breathtaking and known as one of the world's great railway journeys. It's pretty easy to see why. Usually I get a bit bored after a while but this time I was mesmerized by the view - and desperately trying to get a photograph of the sweeping hills and valleys. I got lucky with the first shot above but all the others were blurry. I love this picture so much as it reminds me of a watercolour painting. We then changed at Carlisle for a ScotRail train and headed on up to Glasgow.

We had booked a hotel for the night of the actual wedding and stayed at my Mum and Dad's for the remainder of the weekend. It was Harry's first experience of a hotel and he was beyond giddy at the idea. This was our view from the bedroom window - sixteen stories above Sauchiehall Street. It was incredible watching everyone going about their business and even watching the birds fly below us. I lived right at the end of this street and I used to walk to work everyday in the city centre. It remined me of another time this view, a life without being a parent, without real responsibility, a more carefree attitude. Not one that I'd want to go back to though but it was fun to reminisce.

At the wedding reception we all had our little place settings made from Tunnocks Tea Cakes - perfect for Glasgow folk. All the gentlemen guests were given a miniature of Bramble Whisky and the ladies were given my

Salted Caramel Fudge

. It was made by me last week and I sent five huge trays to Glasgow. I'm pleased that it went down a storm but I think I'm a bit fudged out now......

One of favourite Glasgow scenes has to be 

The Duke

 with his traffic cone upon his head. It's iconic now and still makes me laugh after all the years it's been there. I had to go out and take his picture. It's located outside 


 which I'd never been in before but have been meaning to go in for such a long time. It opened just after I moved to Leeds (so roughly 20 years ago!). We popped in quickly as we hadn't much time, but I'd like to go back and have a proper look around.

Shopping in Glasgow has always been good and I was thrilled to find Danish design store 


 on Sauchiehall Street. If I'd known that was there I would not have taken the train as there was no room in my suitcase to take back all the treasures I'd have liked. So I only bought a couple of small bits. Next time I'll drive and hit it hard! There was also a branch of Cos in Princes Square and I treated myself to this 

Ceramic Ball Necklace

. I love the colours and style of it, but boy, it's heavy.

On Sunday afternoon friends and family of the happy couple got together to enjoy a post wedding lunch. We had a private room at the 


 on Bath Street. Set over several floors, it's a vintage paradise. Lots of wall plates, paintings and trinkets decorate the staircases and corridors. Mismatched crockery is on the table and the condiments are served in vintage china teacups. And the food was delicious with lots of vegetarian options. A great place to eat in Glasgow and I'll definitely be heading back. It was nice to see an independent business thriving too, it was packed.

I miss my home city so much and after the weekend there I am suffering with a little homesickness. But I love Yorkshire and I don't think I'll ever leave. Maybe I could win the lottery and have a second home back in Glasgow.....

Glasgow, you were pure dead brilliant. x