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Howdy. I know it's been quite some time since I wrote on here but springtime at the Market Garden is super busy with sowing seeds and planting so I've been working almost every day. Thankfully as it's half term I have a little bit of time off and we've enjoyed a couple of day trips already. If the weather holds out we hope to do some other bits and pieces this week. For now though I thought I'd share some of my current favourite things with a new eat // read // found // explore post.

{explore} - secret paths of bluebells and wild rhododendrons at the very beautiful 

Bingley St Ives Country Park

. It's a truly lovely place to visit at any time of the year, but when the blues and pinks are in flower, it's just perfect.

(top image and bottom right).

{explore} - not content with lusting after vintage Ercol, I'm also obsessing over Tolix chairs. These green ones styled by the uber cool Sibella Court are stunning and I especially love them in the garden round a wooden table. I've created a Pinterest board totally devoted to them and you can check it out 



{found} - Etsy store 

Bygone Press

 is a relatively new discovery. For ages I've been hunting for vintage school charts of botanicals and then I stumbled upon these. Real vintage posters are pretty expensive and I've never truly found one I like enough to justify the cost. These are a great alternative and a good price. I liked this


 and the 

meadow flowers

  print in their shop but after long deliberation I totally changed my mind and bought this 



{eat} - consuming a lot of asparagus and peas. Preferably together in a risotto with a large glass of white wine. I also like cooking this 




, both are favourites in our household.

{found} - a fellow Yorkshire blogger -

susie so so

 is a super stylish lady who I've met over on Instagram. I just love her look - simple, chic and effortless. I've got so much inspiration from her #ootd posts.

{read} - 'The girl on the train' is the best thriller/crime novel I've read in years. It's seriously unputdownable and you never know what's going to come next.  Recommended to me by my little cousin over on her blog. As children together we stole garden peas from my granny's next door neighbour and I once punched her in the face, although she can't recall it. Anyhoo, please do go check out her blog 

Ellie and Co


{found} - on Saturday we went to York for the day. We truthfully haven't been for years and I had to ask myself why when it's so close to us in Leeds. We'll definitely make the effort to go more often. It has some superb independent shops and in particular ' 

The Imaginarium

. This is a shop that is styled beautifully - eccentric,bohemian almost magical. Stuffed birds perch on twigs on the walls, skulls that dispense twine line the shelves and most exciting of all was the wall of ceramic animals all with flowers bursting from the top of their heads. It is totally bonkers and a real assault on the senses. I loved it and couldn't resist the Swaledale ram's head. If you aren't anywhere near York, the heads are by 

Quail Ceramics

. I've popped some tulips and one little lily in mine currently, but this is not it's permanent home. I've yet to decide where I want it to sit in my house. The husband isn't that keen to be truthful - but what does he know anyway?!

{explore} - the fabulous vintage world of 


. I cannot get enough of this blog, her Pinterest and her Instagram. I have a serious girl crush.

{read} - Annie's blog post over on 


 all about her Mum's garden. It's a beautiful post full of inspiring plant photographs although my favourite has to be this junk planter made from a vintage enamel bread bin. I'm now on the hunt for one of these!

Have a great week all and I'll hopefully be back soon. x