A succulent terrarium

Hello! Firstly I'd like to say a big welcome to all of you who are new here to Little Birdie. I hugely appreciate you reading, commenting, liking, following, tweeting and so on. Thank you so very much and I hope you enjoy visiting often.

This is the third post in my series {simple home}. My main focus for this year is to only have things in my home that I believe are 

'useful, or consider to be beautiful' 

(William Morris). With that in mind, I've been adding more houseplants to all the rooms in my house. Some are thriving, others have issues! But I like having plants as they bring great benefits in improving the quality of the air in your home. Always a winner in my book. So again, useful and beautiful.

I love the sharp, geometric style of succulents as well as their bright shades of greens and reds. And a glass terrarium seemed the perfect place to appreciate their beauty. There are so many simple tutorials on Pinterest of how to make your own (and you can check out my board at the bottom of the post if you are looking for some ideas). But this is how I made mine.

I chose my pyramid shaped terrarium from 

Orchard Lane

. But I really liked this one from 

Urban Outfitters

 too (I'll maybe make another with this). I bought some alpine grit and potting compost from my local diy store. You can find succulent plants from lots of different sources, but as we grow them at the Market Garden I simply brought some home from work. Each variety that I chose (apart from the larger one in the centre) was a '


' plant. They are all very small, so they have plenty of growing space to fill the terrarium.

For drainage purposes, I placed a thin layer of grit in the bottom of the terrarium. Then using the potting compost I filled it until it was almost level with the opening. On a lot of the tutorials I kept seeing that activated charcoal was used, but it's only if you have a sealed terrarium that it is necessary (it helps keep mould at bay). Then I took each of my plants and played around with where I wanted them to sit. It's a tight space to work with, so make sure you put the ones at the back in first when you come to actual planting. I made this mistake and learned the hard way!  Once in place I gave each one a really good water. A thin layer of moss around each succulent and it was done. I'm super happy with the end result and I think I might have a go at a hanging terrarium next. x