Little Pieces

Hello. How are you all?

I haven't really been around much lately. Working and doing some little diy jobs around the house as well as us all having a nasty cold virus have left me a little flat and lacking in inspiration.

But I thought I'd do a quick post today as a bit of a catch up. A few 'little pieces' that have been going on in our household. Everything pictured has already been on my Instagram feed so I apologise if you have seen these already! Sometimes it's difficult to get the big camera out and it becomes simpler to snap things on the phone.

Yesterday we visited the 

National Coal Mining Museum

. Now you may be thinking to yourself, really? Coal Mining? That sounds dull. I was of that thinking too. But it wasn't,  it was actually highly enjoyable. I specifically wanted to go to check out the 

Fox and Moon vintage fair

 which was being held there. It was a relatively small fair but had some great items to peruse and super friendly stall holders. I managed to find some great treasures, a pretty silk scarf, two Observer guides (which I can't wait to use in the summer), a floral apron and a set of galvanised silver spoons. Fox and Moon can also be found doing regular fairs in Holmfirth at the Carding Shed, so it's worth checking their events page if you are looking for some new vintage places to check out. We then wandered around the museum for a while until it was time to join our prebooked underground tour. There are no photographs from inside the mine as you are not permitted to take any equipment in with you for health and safety reasons (batteries + methane gas = explosions) so I'm a tad disappointed that I didn't get a picture of me looking cool in my miner's hard hat. Anyhoo, it's an interesting although at times slightly scary tour. Twenty people rammed together in a lift going down 140 metres, 1.4 metres a second can be a little intimdating. But once you are down there is plenty of room to move and hear all about the history of working in the mines. The tour guides are great too, very funny and super with all the kids. Throw in a slice of the dandelion and burdock cake in the cafe and it was a pretty good day all round.

Recently I made rhubarb gin with some of the forced rhubarb from the market garden and it's so darned good. Like, two glasses a night good. So it's nearly all gone and I'm currently waiting patiently on my next batch. Truthfully I've never been much of a gin drinker until I'd tasted my Mum's lemon gin and then sloe gin at 

Lings Meadow

 last summer. So now that I'm a convert I bought this print from 

a two pipe problem

 as it's rather apt. I do like their 'Hell Yeah' prints too.

Today was another long lunch with Manda from 

Tree Fall Design

 at The Tetley. We both photographed our dinner because we came to the conclusion that if there wasn't a picture of it these days maybe it never happened? (There is no picture of me inside the coal mine, did I really go down? ha!).  I chose the Charred cauliflower, Yorkshire Fettle (feta), chicory, butter beans and rosemary salad and it was stunning. I keep looking at the picture of it and want to eat it again and again and again. How can anyone make butter beans taste so good? I certainly can't.

Finally, I was rather chuffed that I was lucky enough to win a pair of Toast pyjamas over on their


 page. I'd had my eye on these 

Cho pyjamas

 for a while, and they are simply gorgeous in real life too. x