this week

This week it has been half term. Sadly I was working most of it so we didn't get to do anything very exciting. It's always nice though to not have to get up super early and argue with the boy about taking showers, packing bags and being prepared for the day ahead at high school. So for that, I am glad of the break. Lately I feel like I've turned into a woman who shouts and nags all the time. Ha!

Around the house I've been completing little niggly jobs that I've been putting off forever. Like painting skirting boards. Seriously, is there any diy job worse than that? I can't not get paint on the carpet or the floor. But I've done it, finally. In the living room we've been putting up new Ikea ribba picture ledges. Mostly for the benefit of my husband who had requested a reading light and better access to his radio for listening to the football. They are bloomin' brilliant those picture ledges as inexpensive storage options, and if like us, you only have a small space to work with. The light is a clip on loft lamp from 

Baileys Home

 and it's superb, really brightening up the whole room. I also bought some chunky little beeswax candles for my 'wee willie winkie' candleholder from the beautiful shop,

Workshop Living

. And I'm so happy that my hyacinths and muscari have flowered - their beautiful scent and colour is lifting my spirits. A Springtime mantel is definitely my favourite of the year.

Sunday was a day to spend together. As it was my husband's birthday last week I wanted to treat him to a nice lunch at Salt's Mill. It's somewhere we go to a lot. The food is always great, the bookshop is the best in the country (in my humble opinion!) and the homewares store is super for a browse too. You can't leave without buying something. Ever. For me this time it was a copy of 

oh comely

 and a few greetings cards. I have a big old pile of fiction to get through, so I'm trying not to buy any more novels at the moment. But it's hard to resist in there.

Salts Mill is of course known for it's connection to David Hockney and many of his works are there as part of a permanent collection. On the third floor there is an exhibition space devoted to touring works, currently showing Hockney's collection of paintings of the Yorkshire Wolds and capturing the arrival of Spring. All are drawn on his iPad and most scenes are of the countryside lanes and hedgerows coming back to life after the harshness of winter. The colours are bold and if you look closely, you can see the mark making techniques used. I was particularly taken with the wildflowers and the details of the flower buds on the trees and bushes. Just beautiful.

Hope you have all had a great week too. x