this week


This past week has been very busy and windy! Alone at the Market Garden most of the time, I found myself longing for the warmth of the fire, a cup of good coffee and fairly regularly, my bed. Especially the day I was clinging to the gate, fighting the gusts in order to get it shut. I'm longing for Spring.

However, I have been captivated by the utter beauty of the winter skies, particularly at sunrise. Those delicate pale shades of blue rippling with oranges are breathtaking. I absolutely love this first image as it holds the added decoration of crossing vapour trails from passing planes. It was a joy to behold.

e x p l o r e  - Visiting Leeds the previous weekend we popped into the Corn Exchange for some independent shopping. I love this piece of architecture in the city. There are some great shops in there now, including the wonderful, quirky West Yorkshire Cameras and Village Bookstore. Do head over that way for a visit as it's full of vintage clothes stores too. (The Christmas tree will obviously be down now!).

f o u n d - A sale bargain that was too good to pass on. I've been coveting this sweater from Toast for months. It's the only thing I've bought in the sales and it is the warmest jumper I have ever possessed. I am super worried about shrinking it though!

r e a d - And finally I'd like to recommend the best independent magazine I think there is - Ernest. Totally grounded, funny, informative and inspirational, it's a thoroughly entertaining read. There are so many things I want to try from it, including a long overdue visit to the Islands of Scotland. I spent a nice cosy hour in bed with it Saturday morning, cuppa in hand, before I headed off for another day at work in the wind and rain.

Hope you have all had a good week too. x