Grassington Dickensian Festival

Hello! Last Saturday we headed to Grassington in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales to visit their annual Dickensian Festival. Held over three Saturdays before Christmas it's a special place to visit if you are searching for a little festive spirit. We've visited Grassington before, but only during the summer months and it is a pretty little Yorkshire Dales village stuffed full of quirky shops, pubs and cafes, including a good veggie one - The Retreat. As a family we've been planning to visit the Dickensian Festival for years but work, bad weather and illness have always prevented us from getting there.

You can read about our experience of the festival over on the wonderful This is Your Kingdom site, but I just wanted to mention a couple of things over here if you are interested in going. Firstly, you cannot park in the village during the festival. If you choose to take your car you need to use the park and ride service that is in operation from a nearby quarry.  It costs £10 to park the car and that also entitles all passengers to use the park and ride service. The quarry is naturally a little dirty underfoot so make sure you wear boots or wellies if we have some heavy rain in the next few days. The bus service is superb and they are running backwards and forwards to the village about every ten minutes. It's super busy at the festival and some of the shops are so packed that they only let a couple of people in at a time. So be prepared to queue. The same applies to the cafes and pubs. But there are plenty of good street eats to be found and loads of places to sit and eat outside. The best place I discovered was the little pottery through the ginnel - it has a lovely courtyard garden stuffed full of old flower pots and vintage french garden furniture for sale. I'll definitely be heading back in the springtime to get me some of those coloured chairs! Do go check it out.