RHS Harlow Carr

I've been planning on visiting 

RHS Harlow Carr

 for years.  Somehow, I just never got around to going. Now that Harry is in High School, I have a little more free time to visit places that I want to see and enjoy all by myself. Not that it isn't great for kids, it is fantastic for them with plenty of places to explore, to play, to eat and to connect with nature. But just for the sheer joy of immersing myself in the flowers and the gardens, it was bliss being on my own with my camera.

Today was sunny and warm, one of those perfect September days.  Flower beds were still full of life - bright yellows and pinks of echinacea, dahlias, roses and rudbeckia. The bees and butterflies were enjoying the final days of late flowering perennials. Signs of change were evident in russet coloured leaves, squirrels were busy gathering nuts and seeds in the woodland area. Autumn is coming.

I wandered aimlessly for hours, photographing my favourite flowers. I drank coffee in the kitchen garden surrounded by apple and pear trees. I felt guilty knowing Harry was at school and my husband was at work and I was sitting in the sunshine, but sometimes it's really good to have some 'me' time.

Although it was busy in certain areas, in others I was totally alone and all I could hear was birdsong. I'm so happy I went to visit on my own.  I came away completely relaxed, inspired and planning what to grow in my own garden for next summer. x