Adventures in beekeeping

Hello there!

I thought I'd share some photographs I took on Tuesday night when I had my first chance to learn about beekeeping. It's an incredible experience although at times rather frightening. When the hive is first opened and the bees come at you in a huge cloud, buzzing around your head, I did have to fight the urge to flee. But I swallowed back my fear and took many shots of the different bees - the Queen, the Drones and the Workers. It's fascinating seeing how each process works in the hive, the Queen cells in particular are astonishing - you can see the old cells in the third image from the bottom. I thought they were eerily beautiful.

Wearing my protective gear, hundreds of bees landed on my camera, my gloved hands and on my veil covered face and I could see them in great detail, their little eyes shining bright in the evening light. And one solitary bee stuck to my veil was quite intimidating, it's legs desperately clinging on to the fabric and attempting to attack. Thankfully it did not penetrate through the material with it's sting. But it was a truly wonderful hour on a warm, Autumn evening. Beekeeping is an amazing way to learn about our natural world and once you get over the initial fear factor, it's an incredibly relaxing pastime too. I'll definitely be trying it again and I'm even contemplating a little hive for the back garden. Neighbours be warned!