Hello there! Firstly I want to say a big old thank you for all your amazing comments about our holiday to North Norfolk and Suffolk. So many of them complimented my photography and that has made me unbelievably happy. I love taking pictures and feel like I'm learning and developing my skills all the time and to hear such kind words gives me such a lift.

Being behind the camera is where I am most comfortable, but I'd like to be one of those women who happily show their style. I look at many blogs with fashion posts and wish that I could do that too. Although it's just not something I'd do as I'm way too critical of myself. Whenever someone takes my picture I see too many wrinkles, a triple chin, dark circles, spots and blemishes. And why am I always the one in pictures who gets 'red eye'? So I don't let people take my picture very often as I know I'll feel downhearted about myself afterwards.

Truthfully though I don't think I look too awful in real life! But I do think the secret to looking better in photographs is to have a good camera, lens and someone who knows how to take a more flattering image. And it helps to take about a zillion shots over and over until you get some nice ones! Obviously this isn't going to happen when you are at a party or a wedding and I know I'll just have to grin and bear what I see in someone else's pictures.

So I'm trying to put together through my Instagram feed a collection of portrait shots of myself, but only from the side view. I like the shape and colour of my hair against the white background and I also like the 'feel' of these images, showing who I really am. Hopefully I'll get braver at taking shots of myself, but for now, I'm loving these little 'side views'. They make a pretty cool collage too.

If you fancy playing along, come join me at #sideview over on Instagram. x