Blakeney Point, North Norfolk

It has to be said that I've fallen head over heels for North Norfolk. And it's true that the skies seem bigger there, with brilliant shades of blues overhead. I'm not going to blog everything about our holiday. I'm pretty sure you don't want to see my entire collection of holiday snaps and also it gets a bit boring listening to people droning on about where they have been. But this one I had to show as it was absolutely the highlight of our time at the Norfolk coastline.

Located close to Wells-next-the-Sea, 


 is a nature reserve looked after by the National Trust. It's home to unusual birds, plants, insects and seals.  You have to travel by boat to visit Blakeney Point and there are only a limited number of sailings a day as it's dependent on tidal conditions. There are several companies offering trips, but we used 

Beans Boats

 who were fantastic, both crew members were funny and completely entertaining. It was interesting listening to the history of the reserve, the lighthouse and the nature that lives there too.

When we arrived at 5.15pm at Morston Quay, the sun was still shining and there was a little breeze. We popped jumpers and jackets on expecting it to be a bit chillier out at sea and stood waiting to board. But there was hardly any water, merely a trickle, and I wondered how long it would take before we'd be ready to sail. When the tide came in everyone suddenly sprung into action. Rowing boats and yachts appeared down the channel. Kayaks and fishermen in motorboats headed out to sea. We were all carefully boarded and then set sail. And at once I felt instantly happy. I have a great love for the sea and I feel completely at home on the water.

I was blissfully content photographing the passing boats in the harbour. Then further out to sea I spotted that amazing boat with a little house on it, complete with it's own wind turbine. I'd kind of like to live in it, I wonder what that would be like?

After about fifteen minutes you arrive at the Point and instantly you can see the heads of the seals in the water. They pop up near the boats and even seem to wave their paws at you. They are all around you, in the water, on the bank and even slightly further out to sea,  and not afraid of humans - it's incredible. The boat travels up and down several times so there is plenty of time to spot them in the water and take pictures. You kind of never want to leave and return to the quay as it's such an amazing place.

We all came off the boat delighted and astonished at what we had seen.  Blakeney Point is a place to be treasured forever. x