This Week

Well I'm shattered. I've had only two hours of sleep and seem to be suffering from insomnia at the moment. It comes in waves. Like one week I'll sleep well, the next, horrendous nights of tossing and turning, desperate to close my eyes and get some much earned rest. It's not like I'm worrying about anything, I just can't sleep. So today I feel worn out, grumpy and a bit agitated.  Oh and I look like one of those dogs with the droopy eyes. Not good. Apart from all of that it's been quite a good week.

Have you seen Orange Is the New Black? That is one good television show. I'm seriously addicted and it's helped me get over the loss of Breaking Bad. Anyhoo, I've been working my way through the series on Netflix. It's funny, sad and quite dark in places, but always entertains. Check it out if you are looking for something new to watch, I highly recommend it.

And so to this week's favourite moments:

^  Geraniums growing as wild flowers at our local nature reserve. I love it there as it's like a little oasis in the city. It was a quiet day as it was cloudy with some light drizzle in the air. We went pond dipping and searching for dragonflies but sadly the weather kept them at bay. Next time hopefully.

^ (collage) I've been to the city centre twice this week. I'm not such a regular visitor to the city now that I no longer work in it. But on Monday I went out for coffee and to do some shopping all by myself and it was so relaxing walking at my own pace and embracing my surroundings. I popped into the wonderful Colours May Vary where I admired this washi tape geo wall decoration. Isn't it amazing? And all done by hand. As it was payday I treated myself to a couple of goodies including the new Kinfolk magazine. Then I headed to the Leeds Art Gallery for coffee in the Tiled Hall Cafe. The building is stunning and was originally a reading room for the city library, then becoming a store room and falling into disrepair. It was beautifully restored in 2007 and now is one of the best places to enjoy a cuppa and cake in Leeds. There are many photographs of the beautiful Victorian tiles but not so many of the floor, but to me it is equal in splendour. I was also happy to receive my copy of Blogosphere magazine which this very blog is featured in! Fritha was guest editing the lifestyle section and very kindly named me as one of her five favourite blogs. It's funny where this blog has taken me and I'd never ever expected to be in print. Thank you Fritha, I'm seriously chuffed to bits.

^ Another trip to Leeds, this time with husband and the boy. We headed to Mrs Atha's for coffee and cake as a weekend treat. There are so many good independent coffee shops in Leeds now and this is one of the finest. I particularly like their use of vintage china and old school desks as tables. But best of all is the bathroom - Aesop soaps + vintage art = perfection in my world.

^ Leeds is gearing up for the Le Grand Depart (Tour de France) next weekend  so the city is full of yellow - flowers, posters, bicycles and telephone boxes. It looks amazing. I for one cannot wait for it to commence on Saturday, it's going to be one hell of a weekend. x