This Week

Hello! I missed my 'This Week' post last week so I'm trying to catch up with two weeks worth of favourite memories. It's been busy round these parts. Long, super hot working days at the Market Garden, my husband going out at 4.30am for work and getting back at 11.30pm, after school clubs, transition meetings for High School and my cousin visiting from Glasgow. The house looks like a bomb has gone off and the garden has weeds 30cm high. I'm tired and my muscles are aching. Four more weeks and at least it'll be the school summer break.

We aren't getting much family time anymore as I work every Saturday, so we've only Sundays to spend together.  I know that so very soon Harry isn't going to want to spend much time with us.  He's reaching that age where pre-teen hormones are kicking in, and there is a lot of arguing in our house these days. My quiet, shy, geeky son is growing and changing and I know that this summer will probably be the last time he'll be my little boy and he won't need me so much anymore. He'll also want to spend more time with friends his own age and less time hanging out with us. Chatting to another Mum, whose daughter is going into Year 8, I asked her how she felt when her daughter moved to High School and she described it as a period of 'grieving'. It might sound extreme, but I get what she means, it's sort of like the loss of a previous life. So not only is our boy 'transitioning' to High School, as parents we have to go through a transition period too. With this in mind, I'm trying to spend the next few weeks having some 'special time' with my boy. We're getting out and about and seeing more of our glorious county and country.

Yesterday, we headed to the Sculpture Park as I wanted to see the exhibition of Tom Frost's work, The Wild Collection. It's utterly enchanting. Tom is fascinated by stamps, matchboxes, folk art, children's book illustrations and old tin toys. His inspiration for the exhibition comes from the natural world and in particular the creatures that live in the park at YSP. So there are bees, foxes, hares, sheep, birds and fish. There is the most beautiful hand painted butterfly on the wall in the gallery, it's just stunning. I started to take some pictures but got told off as you are not allowed personal photography in the gallery. Boo to that! (I had sneakily taken this image of these framed butterflies before I got caught). The artwork is glorious with so much colour and life. I'd love one of his limited edition prints, although £340 is not within my budget. However, on the back of the exhibition leaflet is a print of butterflies and I thought it would look rather nice on the wall. It even looks nice just stuck up with washi tape.

We were also keen to have a look at the new family friendly campaign at the park, YSPwild. The park is enormous with secret hidden paths running through the woodland and around the lakeside. There are many different species of insect, mammal, fish and birds to spot around the park as well as wildflowers and trees. I bought Harry a notepad and pencil to write down what we had found and a little bag to put his collection of feathers and fir cones in. It's a really lovely project for kids and parents to get involved in and we'll be heading back there in the summer holidays to do some more nature trails and collecting.

Hot days in the polytunnel left me feeling exhausted, sweaty and wishing I had a different job. You know that scene in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' when the bad guys faces melt? That's what I thought would happen to my face this week. But it was nice to come home, get a shower, a change of clothing and put on my sandals. Oh and a nice cool drink to make everything feel normal again. The Escallonia had flowered and was sprinkling it's blooms on my garden steps. I had to snap it. 

I made this crumble. I declare it to be the best crumble I have ever made or eaten. But I have previously made this claim, both here and here! This was rhubarb, cherry and rosewater. I swear if I'd been in on my own, I would have eaten the entire thing. It was a big old bowl of heaven. 

Hope you have all had a good week too. x