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Some people just get it right. With their homes, with their wardrobe. I'm not one of those sort of people. I wish I was!  But I admire those who can and I take inspiration from them. This is the first in what I hope will be a series - women who inspire me in their homes and their style.

This is Rachel Corry a sandal maker who lives in California. She and her boyfriend packed their bags and moved from the city of San Francisco to a cabin near the sea. As well as being their home, it is also her design studio and workshop. It has a great flea market style, mixed with classic designs from Ikea. I love the wooden paneling on the walls, and mixed with throws and rugs, it all looks so cozy and inviting.  I adore that dining area especially the spindle back chairs (my current obsession), the African inspired bowl for fruit and jars of wildflowers. It's simply beautiful. I can see myself sitting there with a cuppa quite happily for hours.

And what about that wardrobe? Eclectic patterns mixed together, handmade braided sandals - I so love her style. If only I had long hair and I could do that topknot. Her look is bohemian yet effortlessly chic. Stunning.

Pictures from Refinery 29.