This Week

What a nice half-term week we've had. Although for the majority of our time off it's been very wet. We had a few days stuck inside that gave us time to do some DIY and a lot of baking! But I enjoyed that feeling of getting things done. And now that the sun has (sort of) come out, we emerged outside to walk, to play and to explore. So these are my weekly highlights, via my Instagram feed.

^^ The top seven images are all from our day trip yesterday to Newby Hall, an Adams house near Ripon, North Yorkshire. It has huge gardens, many of them set in woodland and is full of inspiration. I particularly enjoyed the herbaceous border, which was only starting to come into season, but by next month will be absolutely stunning and be bustling with butterflies and bees. I was in my element exploring the different areas, and I could have spent hours by myself wandering and smelling the various species. But with three kids desperate to get to the play area.... I'll definitely be heading back there soon to see how the garden has changed with the seasons.

^^ A spot of DIY over Bank Holiday Monday. I had spray painted this shoe cabinet last year a bright yellow colour, but I never really liked it as it was very patchy in places. After having a new front door put in and painting it a lovely dark grey, the patchy yellow was depressing to come home to. So it was time to tackle it. It took me ages to decide on a colour, changed my mind a gazillion times, then went back to the original choice (as you do). When I went to buy the paint, they didn't have the colour I wanted so I panicked a bit and chose this one instead! But I really like how it turned out. I hung my print from Lou's shop and put up my plate from Lloyd Loves.  Now I'm happy walking through my front door.

^^ And finally I baked this although I roasted the rhubard with the orange zest and sugar and then left it to marinate over night. By using outdoor rhubarb rather than the forced it does not come out pink like in the picture. So nowhere near as pretty looking, but bloomin' lovely all the same.

Have a good week all. x