This Week

Hello. Hope you are well.

I discovered the wonderful 3191 Miles Apart recently, which is a blog written by two amazingly creative women, Maria and Stephanie. They met online in 2005 and quickly became friends with their shared interests and goal of having a well-lived life. Their blog is essentially about simple living and their weekly inspirations and I've found myself wrapped up in their world. As well as writing their blog they also produce a Quarterly magazine which I ordered a couple of week ago and patiently awaited it's arrival from the US. I was not disappointed and found myself inhaling the contents of the envelope as I opened it. Don't you just love that proper paper smell? It's heavenly.The quarterly is described by them as 'short memoirs, like little meditations, connecting you to something simple and quiet.' I love this sentiment, it's how I want to live, it's how I want this blog to be. So I've decided that these 'This Week' posts are going to be just that - memories of everyday moments. Go check out their blog by clicking the link above and back issues of the Quarterly are available in their shop to download.

So these are my weekly highlights via my Instagram feed:

^^ My Quarterly, just arrived. That feeling of anticipation.

^^ Hanging out among the wildflowers at our local nature reserve. This place makes me unbelievably happy. I know that when we return in a few weeks time, these flowers will be gone only to be replaced with summer blooms.

^^ A Sunday night crumble. Nectarine, Pear and Lemon Thyme. The scent permeating through the kitchen as the fruit was mixed with the herbs.

^^ A new buy. I went into a shop to buy a plant pot, came out with a rug.  But how could I resist such a beauty?

Have a great week all. x