This week

It's been absolutely gorgeous here in the UK these past few days. With temperatures in the mid twenties and lots of sunshine, it's been wonderful to throw open all the windows and let some air into the house.  We've had a very hectic week, with all of us feeling the pressure of SATs exams and long working hours. Today though we had some family time, a chance to properly celebrate Harry's birthday with a pizza lunch, a trip to his favourite comic book store and then a movie. It's been fantastic.

These are my four favourite pictures from this last week, the top three taken on my camera and the bottom one is from my Instagram feed.

^^ I've created a new little corner in my living room for my growing plant collection. So far I'm managing to keep things alive, which is a bit of a miracle. I'm quite green fingered outside, but usually rubbish with houseplants. I've used my vintage soup bowl as a pot saucer and I love it there.

^^ A few cut flowers from the garden, zingy pinks and cool whites. A very simple bouquet but together they just sing. The pink is from Lewisia and the white is from Choisya Ternata Sundance. The perfume from the Choisya is stunning and I can't get enough of it. I wonder if it can be bottled?

^^ For Harry's birthday I made one of his favourite treats, peanut butter brownies. I baked them whilst he was at school sitting his literacy exam as a surprise. He was so thrilled when he came home. I bought the little flags from Paperchase to add a little bit of decoration.

^^ When we went into Leeds this morning, we stumbled across a path that takes you along the riverbank. It had a beautiful turquoise blue brick path that intertwined in several places and I thought it was so pretty. Sometimes it's nice to just wander as you never know what you might discover. x