This Week

Hello there! A little round up of my week via my Instagram feed.

This was the week that I got hit by a car. Not quite the week I had in mind! I won't go into the details, but I'm okay.  After the initial shock I felt better by scoffing several chocolate eclairs, a Chinese takeaway and a bottle of white wine. The restorative power of treat foods eh? And it always help to have a new tote bag to take with you to the supermarket. This one is by James Brown and I bought it from Soma Gallery.

The last couple of months have been dominated by work and helping Harry study for his Year 6 SATs exams. This was our last week of practicing at home as the first test is on Monday morning. I've never really acknowledged how much pressure these kids are put under with these exams, but it's ridiculous how much work they have to get through in a really short space of time. We've been doing over an hour every afternoon. He's shattered. I'm shattered. And poor thing, it's his birthday on Tuesday and he has to sit another exam that day! We're going to celebrate properly next weekend when we all feel more relaxed and the tests are all behind him.

The cat has taken to curling up in my new chair. She likes the sun hitting her back and will happily lie there for hours. So much for having a place to sit and read a book.

Today we got out and about as we didn't want to do any more revision. We needed to walk, breathe some fresh air and have a chill out before the week ahead. We headed to the woods to see the bluebells. They just take your breath away with their simple beauty.

Hopefully once this week is over I'll get back to blogging more regularly. Life has just been so busy recently that it's difficult to find the time to write here.

Have a fantastic few days and many thanks for reading. x