Flowered Up

Working in a Market Garden/Plant Nursery means I get home shattered, look at my own garden and shake my head at the mess. I can never face doing it. But yesterday I dragged myself out there and got weeding, and it took two full bin bags to clear it. I emptied pots of last year's dead bedding plants, cut back old wood from the lavender and tidied up my buddleja. It does look much better, but there is still a mountain of work to do. However, hidden under the knee high weeds were a few little treasures. Plants I had completely forgotten about, like the beautiful blue geranium and coral coloured heuchera (bottom image). They had both produced copious amounts of flowers, even under all the rubbish, so I thought I'd cut a few and bring them indoors. I also discovered that an aquilega (long since departed it's own pot) had self seeded into another pot, so I cut that too and paired it with some of the dwarf lilac heads (top image). I've popped it on my bedside table and it smells heavenly. I put both little bouquets in some old glassware.  And I just had to capture my cactus in flower as those pinks are astonishing. I bought it already flowering, so it probably won't ever do it again for me. Usually I kill all indoor plants, but I have my fingers crossed that I'll keep it alive.

It was good to get outside and tackle the garden. Flowers make me very happy. x