Feeling Blue

Hello! First of all thank you for all your kind comments on my last post. I was extremely nervous about putting photographs of me modelling clothes on the blog - I'm one of the scruffiest people you'll probably ever meet! So it was my absolute pleasure to receive so much positive feedback - again thank you. It was fun to do and something very much out of my comfort zone. It's funny how this blog challenges me to do things I'd never have considered before.

Secondly, welcome March. I've missed you. January and February are such bleak months and every day at the Market Garden has been dreary - grey skies, damp conditions and that inability to get warm no matter how many layers you put on. This week though the sun seems to be revealing itself a little and providing enough bright daylight hours to lift the spirit and make everything so much better. The power of  a blue sky.

Blue is on my mind a lot and I've now brought it into my home. As much as I like my white walls, I'm finding that I want to break up the white with a bit of colour here and there. So out came the paintbrush once more and one wall became a dark, rich blue. I love it teamed with these bright tulips and the white furniture. This colour is making me so happy and I'm fighting the urge to paint the whole house in it! It's amazing how colour can affect your mood so much.

Have a great week. x