Neon Details

Hello there. I hope you are all well. We're on a half-term break this week, and are  just enjoying a little bit of quiet time. Sometimes it's nice to not do too much and just enjoy playing board games and watching a DVD. I've also been continuing to paint my bedroom grey. It's looking good so far and is making the room feel cosier than the white.

Increasingly I've found myself obsessed with neon touches - just little ones like cushions, prints and lights. And out in the High Street, neons seem to be popping up everywhere, also in little touches - handles on woven baskets, fluoro candles and tea towels. In the fashion retailers I've noticed collars with coral neon shades, scarves and lots of socks. I just had to have a pair from Gap in neon pink and yellow spots and I love them!

All the images above are from a new board I've created over on Pinterest. These are some of my favourite neon touches - little details but your eyes are drawn to them. How amazing are those painted knobs on that top cabinet? I adore that. Now I just need to think of something to paint...... x