DIY - macrame plant hanger

Hey there. Are you well? January is dragging a bit isn't it? Too many grey, rainy days.  I'm longing for Spring. Ah well, it's getting closer.....

I thought I'd try to challenge myself with some interiors projects this year. I'm always pinning to my DIY board over on Pinterest but never get around to actually doing any of the things I'd really like to have a go at. So once a month I'm going to attempt do a DIY project that costs very little but hopefully makes a big impact.

I've been trying to bring a little greenery into my home over the past few months and I've been loving some of the plant hangers I've seen around. A lot of the macrame hangers use yarn as the basket, but I wondered if it was strong enough to take the weight of a plant pot and soil. I had visions of the pot falling on my head. I stumbled upon the most wonderful blog recently, Deuce Cities Henhouse and over there Alison had recently made a gorgeous plant hanger from paracord. It's super strong and comes in a fantastic range of colours, so I ordered some online. I also loved the beads she used, so I ordered some of those too. Her tutorial is fantastic and super easy to follow so head over there if you want to see how it's done. I did make my hanger slightly shorter than the measurements over on Alison's blog, but that's because I wanted to attach it to a slightly lower ceiling. And I stupidly ordered the wrong size paracord, so mine was too thick for the beads (rookie error!) so I spent a lot of time drilling the holes in the beads to make the cord go through.

Once I got all the beads threaded through it was so simple to tie the knots and position the pot in the right place. I'm super happy with the results and I'll definitely be making more. x