Bah, humbug!

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Truth be told - I'm not really feeling it - Christmas spirit that is. I'm tired and grumpy. I'm working six days a week and my body aches. I want to feel Christmassy but it's just not happening. I haven't the energy to really care. What little time I do have off is all taken up by household chores and shopping for presents. Oh and standing in long queues in the Post Office because I've missed a parcel - again.

I couldn't even be bothered decorating the tree this year - I just lay on the sofa and let the menfolk get on with it. It may have had something to do with the fact that I was so angry with the damned tree because it just wouldn't go in the stand and stay upright! After 45 minutes of trying, I was at the point of taking the tree back to the Market Garden and just chucking it back into the field. But then inspiration struck and I wedged the stand with dolly clothes pegs and bubble wrap - not really the effortless chic look I aspire to, but hey ho it worked. I can hide the pegs with some presents if I ever actually buy some wrapping paper. Oh and I haven't bought or sent a single card either. It's on the to-do list.

But I must admit that I do love Christmas, although not those bloody awful songs. I can't stand walking into stores and hearing 'Do They Know It's Christmas' over and over. I went into Wickes (DIY) the other day and they were playing Christmas tunes. They don't even sell decorations or trees! So what's the point? Is it to inspire you to buy some plumbing materials for your husband's present? Or how about some silicone sealer for your Dad? Well, each to their own I suppose!

So I'm definitely of the Bah, Humbug persuasion this year. But to cheer myself up and maybe inspire some of you lovely readers, here are some of my current Pins all featuring the 'most wonderful time of the year'. Take care and thanks for reading. x