Winter Days

Morning! How are you all today? Very well I hope.

Whilst watching last night's weather forecast I heard the words that I dread the most - cold and snowy. As a part-time Market Gardener it means lots of days freezing my backside off. And no matter how many layers of thermals you put on, it is impossible to stay warm. When we harvest certain vegetables, they all need to be washed before they are delivered to restaurants and delicatessens, and all in cold water. When the temperature drops and you are having to put your hands in icy water, well it's really not much fun!

So I'm trying to look on the positive side of winter and embrace all the things that I do like about it. That warm bowl of soup at lunchtime. The beauty of the pine trees with snow on them. Coloured mittens. A thick woolen Aran knit jumper. Brussel Sprouts. And hopefully knowing I can go home to a cozy home festooned with fairy lights will get me through some of those difficult winter days. x