A blackboard, a chalk pen and some decorations....

Hello! How are you all today? I have a throat infection, have lost my voice and am having a sick day. I've had a little visit to the Doctor and I'm taking some penicillin now, so hopefully I'll be better for the weekend.

So what to do on a sick day. Should I sit on the sofa and watch crappy daytime television, or should I start a little project I'd been thinking about for a while? Ha! No contest. I got the paintbrush out.

We had a horrible cupboard door in our living room and I despised it - it had some scratches and even a big mark from old tape that had been ripped down.

But with a little pot of blackboard paint, a gold chalk pen and a few decorations that I'd bought for the Christmas tree, well it feels transformed.

Okay, I know it's a bit early for decorations, but I'm working every day after this! x