We're Jammin'

Well not really jammin' - more curdin'! Passion Fruit curd to be precise. For years I've been thinking about making my own preserves. But for some reason, it just always felt like too much effort. Buying jars, sterlilizing jars, setting up jelly bags over big buckets. Just all a bit too much for me and taking up time that could be devoted to loafing on the sofa. This week though, I finally did it. And I'm super glad that I tried it as it's delicious and I can't stop sticking my finger in the big jar every time I open the fridge.

I found it really easy to make and actually very relaxing. You just have to control that urge to boost the heat as curd has to be cooked really, really slowly. The recipe said to use 3 eggs and to whisk them into the mixture, but I pre-whisked them in a separate bowl as I was worried I'd end up with a scrambled egg  in the curd. (I've previously made brownies by just sticking the eggs in and they haven't been mixed properly, leaving us with the surprise of a great big lump of boiled egg in the middle of the chocolate - that wasn't a good day!). The curd turned out perfect this way, so I'd definitely pre-whisk the eggs again.

Passion Fruit Curd


About 6 - 8 ripe passion fruit 

3 large free-range eggs

140g unsalted butter, diced

250g golden caster sugar

2 tbsp cornflour


^ Put the passion fruit pulp in a food processor and whizz to separate the seeds from all the  juicy bits. 

^ Scrape into a sieve set over a medium saucepan, pushing through as much pulp as you can. Reserve 2 tbsp of the seeds, then discard the rest.

^ Add the remaining ingredients to the pan and set over a low heat. 

^ Whisk until all the butter has melted then, using a wooden spoon, stir constantly until the passion fruit curd has thickened to a similar consistency as lemon curd. 

^ Sieve the curd into a clean bowl to get rid of any eggy bits that may have curdled. Stir in the reserved seeds and cool, before spooning into jars and chilling. 

^^ Curd will keep in the fridge for a week