North Yorkshire Coast

Hello! How are you all? We are tired and happy but full of the cold! We've just spent an amazing weekend exploring some of Yorkshire's finest coastline. My Aunt turned 60 last week and she had booked two cottages in Staithes for the family to get together and have a bit of a party.

We drove up the coast on Friday night after a day of heavy rain. As we got nearer, roads had been closed due to severe flooding. The drive was awful, taking us through deep flood water and it took some guts to keep going. Then arriving in Staithes it was impossible to find our cottage and we drove around the village for 40 minutes unable to find everyone. And of course there was no mobile signal so we couldn't even get in touch with my family. But eventually we found a very kindly teenage girl who showed us the way and we arrived tired,  grumpy and pretty scared after the drive from hell. I was seriously not liking Staithes. Other relatives arrived even later than us having experienced the exact same problems and they also were unhappy and quite frightened. After a couple of glasses of wine though, we all started to relax.

Saturday morning we woke up to a very different kind of day - brilliant sunshine, warm yet breezy. Everything felt more positive and we took a trip in the car to Whitby. I haven't been there for twelve years and it hasn't changed a lot in that time. It was really busy but we had chips in the sunshine, walked on the beach and browsed some of the quirky shops. We headed back to Staithes in the afternoon to wander around the village. Heading down the steep hill, I fell head over heels with the colourful fishermen cottages and little container gardens. And then when you finally reach the bottom you are greeted with a view that is simply breathtaking.

We started off on the Sunday with a long lazy breakfast as it had been my Aunt's party the night before. Then we heard the news that Bernard Cribbins was filming in Staithes for his CBeebies show, Old Jack's Boat. My cousin and I rushed out with our cameras as he is a bit of a childhood hero of ours (both being huge fans of The Wombles and Jackanory - we are true children of the seventies!).  I was giddy to watch the filming and take some pictures. I love the idea that Bernard is now playing a big part in kids lives now just as he did in mine.

In the afternoon  I wanted to visit Runswick Bay, only two miles from Staithes. It's another steep drop down to the beach but when you reach the bottom - well, it can only be described as magical. Sometimes you just find a place and you realise that you have found utter happiness. I could have stayed there and never come home.  Sadly, I had to tear myself away and come back to reality. We returned to Leeds tired but happy and the car full of sand. Just the way it should be after a weekend at the seaside. x