Pea & Yorkshire Fettle Frittata

Hey. How are you all? Sorry I haven't been around here much this past week. Life has just been a bit manic  recently.  Anyway, I've had a much needed weekend off and I also have today off whilst the men in my life are out at work and school. So I've decided that when I do get a day to myself I should really make the most of it. Starting with making lunch a bit more special.

Garden peas are probably the vegetable I look forward to most in the summer. I like to simply shed the pod and pop that little green pea straight in my mouth. It's utterly delicious. In fact, I probably eat as many raw whilst podding than what make it into the pan! But it's such a versatile ingredient, and we use it in risottos, pasta dishes and salads. Today I wanted to make a frittata and team the pea with a salty cheese. We love Feta in this house, but I like to buy local cheese wherever possible, and Yorkshire produces it's own ewes milk cheese, known as Yorkshire Fettle. 

I whisked up four free range eggs, 100g Yorkshire Fettle, 100g (approx) of fresh, podded peas (which I boiled for about 4 minutes and then drained), chopped fresh lemon basil and thyme and added some seasoning. Poured the mixture into a frying pan, cooked on the hob for about five minutes then transferred to the grill to cook the top. (You have to  move the pan between the hob/grill until the frittata is cooked). Quick and simple, yet special. x