Loving These - Urban Gardening

Good Morning!
Thank you for all your comments yesterday on my Room for Improvement post.

 It's an absolutely stunning day here again today and my thoughts are turning to my little urban garden. Years ago I visited a cafe in Whitby which had a little courtyard garden out the back where you could eat your lunch. Sitting in mismatched chairs at a scruffy wooden table surrounded by terracotta pots overflowing with herbs and lavender, bright perennials in Belfast sinks and climbers scrambling up the walls, scenting the air with honeysuckle and jasmine, well I thought I'd found an urban paradise. And I always wanted to create something like that for myself when we bought a house of our own. Although I knew very little about plants, I've learned over the years through books and the web and of course, many growing disasters, what grows well there. It's coming along slowly, but it is getting there. And it's somewhere I like to sit out and relax in, surrounded by my favourite plants and herbs. This week I'm going to write on Little Birdie all about the garden. Today I'm starting with my Pinterest board - just a few inspirational pictures for small urban gardens and they are all easily achievable. Because no matter how small your space, you can still grow something. x